24 Hours in Retrospect…


So – we survived 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom! Sort of! In terms of strict hours, truth be told we only ended up with about 18 hours of park time between arriving 30 minutes late and then sneaking out mid-day for a desperately needed nap break … for the adults just as much as the kid! The […]

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Planning for 24 Hours of Magic…


It’s now officially less than one week away – a full 24-hours of fun at the Magic Kingdom! So … what does one actually do to fill up literally an entire day’s worth of time at Disney World??? My wife and I have been pondering this ever since we decided to give the endeavor a try – with our one […]

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Pre-Ordering Counter Service Meals?


This story about Disney testing mobile pre-ordering for counter service meals at the Studios made the rounds last week and I think it could be interesting to see exactly how it goes. On one hand, between ADRs and FastPass+ and touring plans, it can definitely feel a bit tedious at times that one can’t simply show up at […]

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I Hate Hidden Hotel Fees…


The last couple of years we honestly haven’t even bothered staying off-site at Disney World, but after finding limited availability for the 24-hour event at the Magic Kingdom next month, it soon became apparent that we were going to have to consider our options to get us a place to crash after Buzz’ing and Dumbo’ing for an […]

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Happy Boy, Happy Mom!


First attraction of the day and you can tell that everyone is geared up for a long day of fun! You know, we honestly didn’t really ride the carousel much before Christopher was born, but now that it’s pretty much one of the only things that he can “ride” by himself, it seems to have […]

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Cinderella Castle, Wishing Well


I could take pictures of this castle from a thousand different angles and never get bored … heck, over the last decade or so I probably have! Here’s a neat view from the wishing well located off the east side of the castle on the pathway leading to Tomorrowland. We normally don’t walk this way […]

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