Dessert from the Main Street Bakery is basically a right of passage after a long day spent exploring the Magic Kingdom.

I suppose technically they’ve also got a handful of sandwiches and other “healthy options” there behind the glass, but who are we kidding?! You’re on vacation - you’ve earned it!  :wink:

So many choices for so many moods … the giant chocolate chip cookies are always a great selection, even though you can realistically find them at most carts around the World. I find that the chocolate croissant makes for a lovely late night snack when I’m actually feeling guilty about calories, but still want something sweet.

But when I DON’T care???

That glowing monstrosity of a photo up there pretty much says it all! You’ll need two hands to carry it and you’ll definitely be excusing yourself to the restroom to clean up afterwards, but OMG, are the Main Street Bakery’s Giant Cinnamon Rolls decadent beyond all human comprehension … yes, yes they certainly are!  8)

Walt would be proud.

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